The Best Flooring For Your Summer Home

Now that we’re entering the winter months, it’s inevitable that many of you will be closing up your summer homes at one point or another. Here on Cape Cod, that likely means a beachfront property. We’re experienced in all kinds of different residential and commercial flooring projects, and we know that vacation homes tend to have unique needs that differ from those of your main residence. Due to the fact that your vacation home is often empty for much of the year, coupled with the specific demands of more rural geographies, it is essential to approach your flooring options differently than in your main property. Here are a few flooring options that are perfect for different summer homes, and contact Happy Floors for all of your flooring needs!


Ceramic Tile:

Beach houses are unique in their flooring requirements. You have multiple conditions to consider: sand being tracked in, excessive moisture in the air, and possible ground moisture from below. The most obvious choices for this type of environment are ceramic tile and natural stone. Because of its physical properties, ceramic tile flooring should deal perfectly with the demands of a beachside property, and will require less maintenance over time than some other options. Also, ceramic tile flooring offers a great look for beach side properties, and the general Cape Cod beach style is perfectly suited for ceramic tile flooring. Not to mention ceramic tile has come a long way in style options, including a wood-like tile! If you have a summer beach home, consider ceramic tile flooring when looking to really seal the deal.


Solid Hardwood:

If your summer home is located near the beach but not right on the water, it’s likely that you prefer a summer cottage for your vacationing. If this is the case, there’s no better option than traditional hardwood flooring. Although hardwood flooring can have issues with moisture, making it less than ideal for beach homes, it can easily be left alone for much of the year without fear of damage. Furthermore, the look of hardwood flooring is perfectly suited for the kind of décor that tends to be found in summer cottages. For most summer cottages, hardwood floors will give you the look you’re after with the durability required.



If ceramic tile just isn’t the look you’re going for with your beach home, or your summer cottage is semi heated year round and may become quite cold during the winter and thus effect your hardwood flooring, laminate is likely the best flooring option for you. Laminate flooring offers all the look of hardwood flooring, plus an added ability to handle different conditions. Whereas hardwood flooring may scratch due to sand coming off the beach, laminate will do a much better job of holding up. Similarly, laminate flooring is more adept at handling cold and moisture, making it ideal for your summer cottage.


At Happy Floors, we have all kinds of tips for assisting you in selecting your perfect flooring option. Call today for your free in-home estimate!