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Happy Floors Inc

We sell hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl Cape Cod flooring and supplies! You can see some of the products we sell at the Product Page. We hope you have a great time!
 Once You've decide what floor you want to have and\or install, you can go to our Contact Us page to find a representative to talk about your project.
  If you're not sure about what floor type, color or finish you want, please, read our Flooring Blog or take a look at our Portfolio, probably you will find something you like and want to have at Your Home! Top floor refinish cape cod provider to your service.



Portfolio Page

  7 years have passed since the inception of Happy Floors. During that time we were able to gather a lot of pictures from the projects we were working on. These pictures reflect our ability to provide quality workmanship for our clients in order to make them Happy.

 Here you can see our installation projects page, which includes solid and engineered hardwood installations, laminate floor installations, resilient flooring installations, as well as plywood and any other subfloor installation. We provide several flooring installation method options, such as nail down, glue down, face nailed, floating, and glue- and-nail down. Every project is different, so in order to provide a good installation service we have to pick the best option to fit your needs - one that will make you Happy!  

 Our second portfolio page is about our refinishing projects. It includes the sanding and finishing of bare wood as well as the refinishing of previously finished wood. Sanding and refinishing includes several cuts with a sanding belt or roll machine along main areas. Around edges sanding is done with a smaller edging machine. For smooth surfaces we always buff hardwood floors before applying sealer or polyurethane. We also buff polyurethane before applying the final coat. This way we can achieve an ‘ice ring’ effect with your floor.

 We also love to improve the visual appearance of any room by creating some unique additions to the floors we install or sand. It may be as simple as adding an inlay or medallion - a small addition which can make your room look twice as good. Framed with different colors of wood, it will add elegance to your fire place, sliding door or any transition.

 There are several options for high-moisture level rooms in your house, one of which is tile. Tile is the perfect match for bathrooms, kitchen areas, laundry rooms and other rooms prone to high moisture levels. We provide all the services related to tile installation: old tile demolition and disposal, subfloor leveling, floor preparation, tile installation, as well as grouting and cleaning. Visit our tile installation portfolio and see yourself!