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We sell hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl Cape Cod flooring and supplies! You can see some of the products we sell at the Product Page. We hope you have a great time!
 Once You've decide what floor you want to have and\or install, you can go to our Contact Us page to find a representative to talk about your project.
  If you're not sure about what floor type, color or finish you want, please, read our Flooring Blog or take a look at our Portfolio, probably you will find something you like and want to have at Your Home! Top floor refinish cape cod provider to your service.



Hardwood flooring services in Cape Cod.

Our Services

Happy Floors offers a wide selection of flooring services for your home. Starting from design and consultation all the way to any floor installation and finishing. We have more than 8 years’ experience, which makes us the top-level flooring service provider . Come to the Happy Floors warehouse located at 182 Old Town House Rd, Yarmouth, MA and our team will help you find the best wood, vinyl, laminate or tile solution for your home.


We can give you a huge amount of flooring options for your home. We specialize in different types of solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring: antique, select and better grade or reclaimed. We also sell laminates and vinyl flooring. If you decide to take care of the installation yourself we can provide you with necessary supplies and advice. Visit our showroom to learn more!

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Flooring Design & Floor Planning

  Floor design and planning is very important factor you can't ignore while choosing your floor. Certain floor coverings fit some areas better than other. In order to determine which floor fits your plan best, you have to have some general flooring knowledge or have consultation. Here at Happy Floors, we are more than HAPPY to provide you with a consultation on your project. You'll get good advice on how to start your floor installation and what material will fit best for you. Get a professional consultation for long-term savings! If you want to have some unique floor inlay or medallion, please don't hesitate to ask, we love to work with stylish approach and can give you some out of the box flooring ideas!


Custom Brazilian Cherry frame on pre-finished maple hardwood floor    selfmade stairs, red stain. 


Plywood installations, prefinished and unfinished hardwood floors installations, laminate installations, vinyl floor installation.

    Are you ready for the main part? Make sure you cleaned your subfloor carefully; any dirt or any small stone will make your squeak very soon! Also be sure that you put an underlay sheet on top of your subfloor... 
 Or you can call us and we will make sure you don't need to be concerned about any of these potential problems. We provide fast and high-quality hardwood floor installations, creating perfectly smooth surfaces without any gaps and leveling problems. We use a special underlay sheet which adds moisture- and squeak- protection to your new floor. We carefully check subfloors to make sure it will be evenly leveled. Once it's done we install the hardwood floor. Here you’ll have different options, such as 
 *Nail Down - Each board is nailed down with several staples or nails which stop the boards from moving. 
 *Glue Down - Each board is glued to your subfloor with a special adhesive which protects from moisture and wood expansion 
 *Face Nailing is used for wide planks. Each plank is nailed down with massive nails to add a classic style to your floor. 
 *Floating is used for engineered wood flooring, and laminate flooring and resilient flooring. Boards are snapped one to each other, preventing the floor from moving, thus creating a stable floor layer.

Seamless Floors


  Seamless floors are mainly used for commercial and\or heavy duty projects. Seamless floor are based on epoxy material with the mix of decorative quarts or chips. A lot of people use seamless floors in the garages, since it protects you concrete floor and adds nice color to it. Epoxy floors are extremely durable and have anti slippery formula which makes it great material for restaurants, bars, gym floors and so on. 

  For the color variations, please click on picture below for higher resolution pictures:

Epoxy Quarts Color Chart    Seamless Epoxy Floors 


Tile services


  Happy Floors Inc also specializes in tile installations. We can help you with as tile floor installation as backsplash tile installation. Please take a look at our tile installation portfolio. Tile floor is great option for the kitchens and bathrooms so if you're looking to install tile in any of these places or have your own plan about how to use it, call Happy Floors Inc!

Custom Brazilian Cherry frame on pre-finished maple hardwood floor
Plywood Install
Engineered hardwood flooring 
Laminate flooring 
Minor & Major Damage Repair
Stairs Install
Install a Wood Floor on Concrete
Risers, Sand & Stain Stairs Paint
Inspecting a Wood Subfloor
Old floor removal or/and disposal
Wood floor refinishing