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                                                           Hardwood Flooring

Questions Regarding New Flooring

Use this category whenever you have questions regarding new installation of hardwood, tiles, vinyl or laminate floor.

Can I install a hardwood floor in a full bathroom?

Technically, you can. Although, this kind of installation is not recommended due to the high moisture level area.  You might have problems with it in the future.
Considering this you should be very careful with installation. The best way to go with hardwood in bathroom is to install engineered hardwood with glue-and-nail down method, apply water-proof chemicals on sides and then apply several coats of finish. This way, hardwood will be protected from water damage. Then you should be very careful with deep scratches, because they will not prevent water from getting inside of the hardwood.

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Can solid wood plank floors be glued down?

Can solid plank floors be glued down?

Yes. Although in order to straighten those out you should also nail them, so all the boards will be tight. This will prevent them from drifting apart before glue will harden.

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How do I acclimate my hardwood floor?

Hardwood should sit in the room where it's suppose to be installed for about 5-7 days. If hardwood goes in boxes, then all the boxes should be opened from both ends to let air circulate.

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How can I better protect my floor from early finish wear?

Sweep and mop more often. Put rugs to the most traffic areas, such like entrances and stairs.

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How do I install hardwood flooring?

There are 3 the most common methods of installation.

 * Nail-down method. Using the nails or staples you nail every board with couple nails to make it straight and hold,

 * Floating method. Every boards is attached to another either by glue or by click-in technology,

 * Glue-down method. Floor is glued to the subfloor. Sometimes people combine it with nail-down for better result.

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Can I expect my floor to have color variations?

Yes you can, pre-finished flooring goes with several limited different stain option. Unfinished floor can be stained in any color; you can mix different stains to get the most exotic colors.

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Questions Regarding Existing Flooring

Use this category whenever you have questions regarding your existing carpet, hardwood, tiles or laminate floor.

Can I install an engineered floor over a concrete subfloor?

Yes. Engineered Floor was created to be installed in high moisture level areas, like basements. It fits there perfectly. You can either go with floating or glue-down method of installation.

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Can you repair my damaged hardwood floor?

In most of the cases, yes we can! Depending on the situation, we can fix the floor with different approaches. 
If you have one of the next problems:
*water damage
*termites ate several boards
*boards are damaged by other reasons
We can partially reinstall these boards. You can see one of our project with description of work we've done hardwood floor repair

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How do I care for my recently installed hardwood floor?

The biggest treat for any hardwood floor is sand and small stones;  then you have pets claws, huge traffic areas and sharp objects which always feel with sharp edge towards floor.

The best thing would be to put small rugs next to the high traffic areas and regular swiping and/or light map cleaning.

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The floor beneath my rug is lighter than the exposed floor, what can I do?

In most of the cases you can sand it out. Although you should consider the fact that in in most of the cases light affects only finish, but if you have soft wood and finish penetrated deep inside, it becomes really hard to sand all the finish out since it's deep in the wood.

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How do I get my hardwood floor to look like it did when it was new?

Depending on the current condition of the floor you can buff it or refinish it.

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General Questions regarding all flooring types

Here you can find any general information regarding any flooring type.

What is laminate?

Laminate is basically particle board or compressed and glued paper with printed picture which is laminated from the top. It's cheap and pretty durable. It's not real hardwood and if you scratch the laminate itself off, it's very exposed to water damage. Not sandable or refinishable.

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What is engineered floor?

Engineered floor consist of couple layers of plywood, which are glued one to each other in different direction of the layer above and below it. On top you have one layer of real hardwood. It is sandable just once or twice, depending on the layer of solid hardwood.

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What is solid wood floor?

Solid wood floor is 100% real hardwood planks, in most of the cases 3/4 inch high, sandable/refinishable for several times.

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Is engineered floor real wood?

Engineered Flooring consists of plywood and solid hardwood which is real wood. It's not solid, multilayer floor, which has just about 1/4 part of it of solid wood. So it's up to you to decide what is real and what is not in this world))

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What does “floating” floor mean?

It means that your floor is not attached to the subfloor. Boards hold one to each other, either by glue or with special click-in system. Although all the weight of the floor doesn't allow it to move and it is still sandable.

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What is the most durable hardwood floor?

Australian Buloke.

Although the most durable floor we sell and install is Brazilian Cherry. These types of wood are so hard that about 15% of nails or staples will be bended during installation and that's a lot!

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What is your minimum order?

1 sq ft

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When ordering flooring materials, how much extra should I order to allow for waste?

In most of the cases it's 10%.

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What are the benefits of hardwood floor?

It increases the value of the house by an average of 6% comparing to carpet. It last long, can be refinished several times. Easy to clean and maintain. Can be customized by inlays and medallions.

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